l house a total of 38 plastic cages in my birdroom which can be converted into double, treble or flight cages when required.

After the last chicks have been weaned the stock pairs are split up with the cocks remaining single and the hens placed in teams of six in treble breeders until the moult is complete.

On weaning, the chicks are placed in single cages in trios or groups of four until all breeding is finished then split into pairs or singles to moult out.

After retention of stock the cocks are to remain single and the hens placed into flight cages in maximum teams of six until the springtime.

I do use heating and lighting but not for bringing the birds forward for early breeding. From the weekend that the clocks fall back one hour into winter time the heater thermostat is set at (5c) just to stop the drinking water from freezing during very cold spells. It is then lifted to (10c) when they go forward again into springtime. During the winter months the lighting is set to come on at (3pm) and is dimmed back down at (5pm) after I have checked all the seed hoppers and drinkers. Because my bird room is a little shaded the lights are set to come on at (7pm) and dimmed back down from (9pm) during the breeding period. This is so any chicks in the nest can get a late feed on dull cloudy nights.


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