On a weekly basis the cages are rubbed down with antibacterial wipes, then sprayed with an anti mite solution. The drinkers, seed hoppers, feeding pots and perches are all steeped in hot water to which bleach is added for an hour then rinsed under cold running water.

When it comes to floor dressing i have tried just about everything and found nothing to what can be called ideal. I am now using wire floor grids above the bottom trays. In the trays i use newsprint paper which is changed twice daily all year round to have a complete dust free environment.

The wire grids are cleaned with antibacterial wipes at least once weekly. I have found keeping the cages clean and fresh and the birds free from picking at any stale waste much easier.

I place the baths as often as possible and add a pinch of Potassium Permanganate to the water once monthly. This keeps the birds free of parasites.

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